KUALA LUMPUR, March 2 — Malaysia which is seriously concerned over the escalation of military conflict in Ukraine, regrets the inability of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in exercising its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.

Permanent Representative of Malaysia to the United Nations (UN), Datuk Syed Mohamad Hasrin Aidid said hence the necessity for this 11th emergency special session of the UN General Assembly.

He said Malaysia understands the legitimate security concerns of all parties.

“Nevertheless, in any circumstances all parties must abide and respect the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states, as enshrined in the UN Charter and international law. Any violation of this sacrosanct principle is unacceptable,” he said in his statement at the 11th emergency special session of the UN General Assembly.


The statement was made available through the official twitter account of the Permanent Mission of Malaysia to the UN in New York.

Syed Mohamad Hasrin said at this critical juncture, Kuala Lumpur calls on all parties to exercise restraint, take concrete steps to de-escalate and pursue the path of dialogue to resolve the conflict peacefully.

“Malaysia, therefore, welcomes the direct talks between Ukraine and Russia in Belarus on February 28, 2022.


“We hope that the talks will continue and bring about a speedy resolution to the conflict to prevent further loss of lives and devastation,” he added.

He said Malaysia called on all parties to refrain from taking unilateral actions that may aggravate tensions and have far reaching regional and global consequences. 

Syed Mohamad Hasrin also said that Malaysia is deeply concerned on reports about nuclear arsenals being put on high alert status, while calling on all nuclear weapon states to adhere to their Joint Statement of January 3, 2022 on preventing nuclear war and avoiding arms races.

“Malaysia fully supports the affirmation that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought”.

“We further urge nuclear weapon states to pursue action towards de-alerting, risk reduction, and to implement their commitments and obligations related to nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation,” he said.

With the dire situation on the ground, he said Malaysia urges all parties to ensure the protection and well-being of the people, in particular women, children, and other vulnerable segments of society.

Syed Mohamad Hasrin said Malaysia reiterates its commitment to the peaceful settlement of disputes, guided by the principles enshrined in the UN Charter and international law in the interest of maintaining regional and international peace and security, as well as promoting greater prosperity.

“In this connection, Malaysia will vote in favour of the draft resolution which is now before the Assembly,” he added. — Bernama