ALOR SETAR, Feb 15 — The cause of death of two young migrant Myanmar brothers who died after allegedly eating food scraps scrounged from a rubbish bin in Kampung Baru Sungai Tepa in Langkawi on Sunday will only be known after further analysis is completed.

Langkawi District Police chief ACP Shariman Ashari said an autopsy was carried out on the bodies of Nizambudin Jamaludin, 4, and Ngei, 2, at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital here from 10am to 3.15pm today.

“The exact cause of death has not been determined yet and is awaiting further (chemical) analysis. Police will refer to the Department of Chemistry in Penang for results of the findings related to the deaths of the two children.

“The investigation is still ongoing and police had to engage an interpreter as the father of the two victims is not fluent in Malay,” he said in a statement today.


The father of the two boys was detained at 12.05am on Monday and is currently being remanded for 14 days for further police investigation.

In the heart-rending incident near Bukit Malut in Langkawi on Sunday, the two siblings were found staggering in a state of disorientation by their 36-year-old father at 5.30pm in the rubbish bin area before turning lifeless a few minutes later. — Bernama