KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 6 — The government should provide business owners with the knowledge and know-how to run a business well if it plans on aiding future business owners.

In a joint statement today, Malaysia Shopping Malls Association and Malaysia REIT Managers Association said this method is better than giving special allocation for spots in shopping malls.

“Forced location and mis-fitting retailers in the shopping mall and retail industry without in-depth

consideration will not only disadvantage and burden the recipient but will harm the entire synergistic structure of the retail cluster.


“It will be more positive and progressive for the government to provide the requisite assistance to prepare the candidate for the retail business and equip him with the necessary knowledge and management skills before embarking into the venture,” they said.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the government is proposing a quota for Bumiputera-owned businesses in strategic locations such as shopping malls as part of efforts to increase the community’s participation in the economy.

Ismail Sabri, who is also the chairman of the Bumiputera Prosperity Council, said the quotas would be managed transparently and fairly so that its ultimate goal can be achieved, in line with the aspirations of his Keluarga Malaysia ideology.


However, the two groups representing shopping malls and local real estate players, said that in order for businesses to continue in the long term, it was key to have a good financial foundation, be able to react to changing trends and be located in strategic clusters within the malls so that it fits with the malls theme and synergy.

They said the placement of shops in malls are all part of a bigger picture where zones and clusters are placed together to create synergy.

Clusters within malls such as luxury fashion, masstige fashion, F&B, entertainment zones are

functioning examples and race does not play any part in it.

“Neither race, religion nor class of any retail candidates matters at all. What critically

matters is that the merchandise and services being offered are able to accommodate and match the needs and wants of the market (shoppers) and to fit the brand-mix and the tenant-

mix within the respective cluster so that there is no anomaly or incongruity,” they said.

The groups suggested that for starters, Putrajaya acquire franchises of established brands and have staff with the right attitude and business acumen to manage them.

This way the brand will get a head start in brand recognition and customer attraction.