KOTA KINABALU, Dec 5 — Social media influencers, especially those in Sabah, have been asked to play their part in delivering information about government policies implemented on behalf of the public, Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor said.

The public, especially youth, prefer to use social media in this day and age, so the medium is capable of playing an effective role in delivering information and ensuring the public fully understands policies implemented by the government, he said.

“Ensure what is delivered is factually accurate, not heresay...whatever efforts done by the government should be a priority for broadcast (on social media).

“Also, share the aspirations and desires of youth to ensure their involvement will continue for the future of our state and country,” he said in his speech at a gathering with social media influencers here tonight.


Hajiji said the state government was currently focused on providing assistance to those affected by Covid-19 and has allocated over RM1 billion for the purpose, including a one-off payment of RM300 to citizens in the state.

“We are currently implementing many new initiatives to ensure Sabahans will enjoy a better life...I would fail at being Chief Minister if I could not help Sabahans,” he added. — Bernama