KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 — Communication and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said making issues bigger than it seems to be was unnecessary on sexual harassment in entertainment industry.

According to Mingguan Malaysia, he said that industry players should prioritise positive things over isolated issues that allegedly occurred.

“I don’t think the issue needs to be magnified. Focus on the positives from isolated cases,” he was quoted saying.


Annuar reportedly said this when asked to comment on the revelations of some industry players on the issue of sexual harassment that occurred against artists, celebrities and production crews.

Asked whether the positive thing meant was to develop and continue to improve the quality of the country’s art industry, he simply said “yes”.

In the report, it mentioned that actor Namron revealed that sexual harassment in the industry does not only happen to women but more male artists are facing the issue.


Actress Sharifah Amani also revealed that the production crew is facing the issue which has long been ‘festering’ in the industry.

Commenting on the issue, Seniman president Zed Zaidi said his party did not receive complaints due to many victims being afraid and worried that something bad would happen to them, Mingguan Malaysia reported.

Following that, he asked those involved to come forward and make a report so that appropriate action can be taken against the perpetrators.