KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3 — A total of 71.4 per cent of the 1,075 respondents in a study on Malaysians’ willingness to receive the Covid-19 vaccine booster dose are prepared to do so, according to the UCSI Polling Research Centre.

UCSI, in a statement today, said the result of the study also found that 18.4 per cent of the respondents interviewed were unsure about receiving the booster dose while 10.2 per cent declined the booster jab.

“The study also showed that the level of public acceptance towards the booster dose was high (71.4 per cent), with the reason being they felt safer getting the third dose.

“As for those who were unsure and rejected the booster dose, it was because a majority of them were doubtful about its effectiveness,” it said.


Other feedback given by respondents who opted for the booster dose were that they believed in the government’s directive as well as because they were susceptible to being infected with Covid-19.

“Among the reasons given by those who answered ‘no’ and ‘not sure’ included fearing complications after being administered with the booster jab, feeling safe with just the two doses and having a bad experience during the previous vaccination process,” according to the study.

Meanwhile, the study also believed that the booster dose could be seen as additional protection against Covid-19 as it would allow them carry on with their daily lives confidently.


“One should not ignore the public’s concern about complications after receiving the booster dose and any comprehensive information, potential or case statistics of complications should be disclosed so that the public can make a decision about taking the booster dose,” it added. — Bernama