KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — Transgender cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman revealed today that she was already in Australia where she is seeking political asylum from Malaysia.

In a video posted on Instagram, Nur Sajat also asked her critics to leave her to her own religious beliefs.

She also hinted that she was leaving Malaysia permanently, using the Malay phrase “cerai talak tiga” for irreversible divorce.


She said that she was now under Covid-19 quarantine in Australia and would meet with an agent for her employment matters.

Sajat explained that she chose Australia as the country could “accept Sajat and Sajat is free.”

“What else do we want? We want freedom. So, human rights here, it is very important. They (Australia) really prioritise human rights. I don’t want anything, I just want human rights,” she said.


Nur Sajat also claimed to have liquidated all her business interests in the country and was looking forward to resettling in Australia where she hoped to provide opportunities for other Malaysians.

“Please respect me as a human being. That’s all,” she added.

Nur Sajat became wanted in Malaysia after she missed a shariah court hearing in February this year, for a blasphemy charge under Section 10(a) of the Shariah Crimes (State of Selangor) Enactment 1995.

The offence was punishable by a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or imprisonment not exceeding three years, or both, upon conviction.

Last month, Nur Sajat was reportedly detained in Bangkok, Thailand, by the country’s Immigration authorities who were acting on a request from their Malaysian counterparts.

The Royal Malaysia Police had been working to secure her extradition from Thailand.