KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 15 — The government today lifted restrictions for 11 types of economic activities under Phase One of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), said Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. 

Muhyiddin said leeway for these 11 types of businesses will apply to all states still under Phase One of the NRP, with at least 50 per cent of the adult population needing to be fully vaccinated as a required prerequisite. 

Muhyiddin noted that only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to patronise these businesses. 

“Therefore, individuals who have completed their vaccinations in the Klang Valley can benefit from these facilities when these businesses resume operations,” he said. 


The 11 businesses are barbers and hair salons for basic haircuts only, car wash shops, electrical shops, shops selling household appliances and kitchen supplies, furniture shops, and sports equipment shops. 

Also allowed to resume are car accessories workshops and car sales showrooms, morning and farmers’ markets, clothing and personal accessories stores, and jewellery stores. 

“After taking into account data from risk assessments conducted by the Health Ministry and Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, and after discourse with all stakeholders in these sectors of interest, the government has agreed to facilitate the trade and distribution sector with effect from August 16 involving 11 types of economic activities which will be allowed to resume operations in Phase One,” Muhyiddin said in statement this morning. 


Muhyiddin stressed how these boutiques and accessory shops must adhere to the strict standard operating procedures which among them include the need to use gloves, limiting the number of customers and length of time within these shops, and how they are not allowed to use the fitting rooms. 

He also reminded all business owners and operators to ensure all customers produce a digital vaccination certificate before being allowed entry into these shops. 

Also announced were 11 more business activities allowed to resume under Phase Two of the NRP, namely photography and photo services shops, second-hand item shops, flower shops and plant nurseries, handicraft and souvenir shops, and antique shops. 

The others are toy stores, carpet shops, shops selling creative works and creative sector types of equipment, outdoor activities stores, cosmetics, dermatology, and perfume stores, and tobacco shops which applies to those selling vapes as well.

Similarly, patrons of these businesses under Phase Two must be fully vaccinated and produce their digital vaccination certificates to be allowed entry. 

Additionally, Muhyiddin announced that the manufacturing, construction and mining sectors have also been allowed to resume operations in capacities that coincide with the percentage of their staff who have been fully vaccinated. 

Companies, he said, with 40 to 59 per cent full vaccination rate will be allowed to operate at 60 per cent capacity, those with 60 to 79 per cent immunisation rate of its workers allowed to operate at 80 per cent capacity, and those with 80 to 100 per cent full vaccination status will be allowed to operate in full capacity.