TATAU, June 14 — A total of 413 individuals received their first dose of the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine under a mobile outreach vaccination programme at Dewan Masyarakat Punan, Rumah Ado, Lubok Kubong, Kakus in Tatau last Saturday.

This first mobile vaccination programme for Tatau District was carried out from 8am to 5pm.

The vaccine recipients were those from 19 rural longhouses across the Sungai Kakus Ulu area.

The oldest individual receiving the vaccine was Ganya Unau from Rumah Arjey at Nanga Mina in Kakus — who is 98 years old.

An Orang Ulu community leader Penghulu Sanok Magai expressed his gratitude to the state and federal governments for providing such a good facility.

He said this special mobile outreach programme gave convenience to the elderly folk who were unable to go to the vaccination centre at Tatau Sports Hall.

Tuai Rumah Robert Nuing from Nanga Segun in Kakus, who had his first vaccine dose, appealed to relatives and fellow villagers to get vaccinated as well.

“Don’t be scared of this vaccination — I have received mine and there are no negative side effects. I would like to thank everyone who is involved in this programme,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tuai Rumah Arjey Kenai from Nanga Mina in Kakus was happy that his fellow longhouse residents had been fully vaccinated.

“Thank you to the frontliners, government staff and the district office for facilitating this programme,” he said.

Another longhouse chief, Tuai Rumah Ado Bilong from Lubok Kubong in Kakus, also expressed her thanks after 150 people from her longhouse had received their first dose of the vaccine. — Borneo Post Online