KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 30 — Gombak district police chief Arifai Tarawe has warned the public today against commenting, making videos and posting them on social media regarding the death of A. Ganapathy.

He urged the public not to make baseless comments and racialise the whole situation as it may hamper investigations, amid the rise of the hashtag #JusticeForGanapathy.

“If you want to do it, quote someone with authority,” said Arifai today during a press conference at Gombak police headquarters.

“If you still want to do it then don’t do it in a way that will make people angry, worried or annoyed. This is not a racial issue.


“They will be prosecuted by law if they persist,” he added.

Arifai revealed today that police are currently investigating allegations that Ganapathy was beaten while in custody.

He said they found traces of methamphetamine in his blood and that prior to being taken into custody he already had health issues, particularly an ankle injury to his right leg.


While in hospital, Ganapathy’s leg contracted necrotising fasciits and he suffered from breathing difficulties. That leg was eventually amputated on the morning of March 9 and Ganapathy passed away on April 18.

Since then, Malaysians have been in an uproar over his death, claiming once again that police brutality led to another innocent man dead while in custody.

They also pointed out how ethnic Indians are disproportionately found dead in police custody.

Many expressed their feelings over the injustice on social media including Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman on TikTok.