IPOH, March 12 ― Approximately 95 per cent of police officers and personnel across the country are ready to receive the Covid-19 vaccine shots, according to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador.

He said only three per cent of them will not be able to do so due to health reasons.

“I really encourage all police personnel to take the vaccine, except those advised not to by the Ministry of Health (MoH), such as pregnant staff, or those with allergies and comorbidities.

“I will try to explain to the remaining two per cent of our personnel on the importance and advantages of taking the vaccine as advised by the MoH.


“Our source of reference is the MoH, not a shaman or any deviant scholar. If I ever found out that they (police personnel) are following deviant teachings (and refuse to take the vaccine), I will ask them to leave the police force,” he said this in response to a media report that a number of Kelantan police personnel had allegedly refused to take the vaccine.

Abdul Hamid was met after attending the conferment of the pilot wing and the closing of the private pilot’s licence (PPL) course at the Police Ir Wing Unit Training Base here today.

In another development, Abdul Hamid explained that the decision to raise the compound to RM10,000 for those who violated Covid-19 standard operating procedures was done to ensure the safety of the public and to help the government break the chain of infection of the pandemic.


“Yesterday, a compound notice of RM10,000 issued to an individual for failing to register and scan the  MySejahtera code went viral on social media.

“The regulation (to register with MySejahtera app) was implemented for the safety of the people going to any public places. If one person refuses to comply with the regulation, it will pose a big threat to other visitors. 

“I have already explained. Any action, whether to issue a RM10,000, or RM1,000 or RM50, or even to forgive the individual is at the discretion of the authorised officer. Just like traffic summonses. We have room for explanation, justification and appeal.

“Don’t worry about the RM10,000 compound. It’s better to worry about being infected with Covid-19. The compound is a deterrent punishment. We don’t want the same person or premises repeating the offences,” he said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Hamid said the Emergency (Essential Powers) (No 2) Ordinance 2021, which take effect today will enable the police to act immediately against those who spread fake news relating to Covid-19 and the proclamation of Emergency.

He said, prior to this, the police had to obtain the order to investigate (OTI) from the deputy public prosecutor’s (DPP) office first, which may take a week, which often delayed any enforcement and action that need to be taken.

“Now, we don’t have to wait for the OTI from the DPP. We can take immediate action and hence, curb the spread of fake news which may cause panic and anxiety among the public,” he said.

According to the Federal Government Gazette yesterday, any individuals who create, publish or disseminate fake news on Covid-19 or the proclamation of Emergency could now face a fine of up to RM100,000 or three years jail or both. — Bernama