KOTA KINABALU, Nov 4 — The state blood bank could run out in two weeks at the current rate of usage, said Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun.

The Sabah government Covid-19 spokesman said there were currently 1,350 units in the blood bank.

“The daily usage is approximately 220 per day. With 150 donors a day, the usage outweighs the number of donated blood.

“If this continues, we will run out of blood in two weeks,” he said.


Urging blood donors to come forward, Masidi said he has asked the hospital to come up with ways to make it easier or appealing for blood donors to donate without fear.

“The hospital authorities have given assurance they will make the process easier for those willing to donate. The hospital can come up with creative ways to ensure they are treated well and lessen exposure to Covid-19,” he said.

The blood bank supplies various types of medical needs including accident victims, pregnant women, cancer patients, premature babies and thalassaemia patients.


Sabah has had to resort to asking for blood from Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur when facing critical shortages