MIRI, Nov 1 — Following the hike in Covid-19 cases here, Miri Hospital will postpone elective or non-emergency surgeries. Emergency surgeries will be carried out as usual.

The hospital in a statement yesterday said they would be contacting all affected patients to inform them of the postponement of their elective surgery.

“For patients who have appointment at specialist clinics or have treatment at the specialist clinic, staff at the clinic will inform them of any changes on their date and appointment.

“The hospital is also calling for collaboration from patients’ family members to limit their visit to the hospital.


“Senior citizens, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women and children under 12 years old who are high risk for Covid-19 are not allowed to enter the facility unless for emergency cases,” said the statement.

Miri Hospital’s visiting hours will be shortened every Monday to Sunday, from 12.30pm to 2pm and 5pm to 7pm.

The press statement was issued in reference to a media statement by the State Disaster Management Committee on Oct 30.


“For public’s information, one of the Covid-19 positive case was a health worker at Miri Hospital. Upon knowing the case’s positive result, the hospital immediately isolated the staff and started contact tracing among hospital staff.

“Areas involved in the case were also identified and sanitised,” added the statement.

Following the increase in Covid-19 cases in Miri, the hospital has converted a general ward into a Covid-19 ward.

Any enquiries on the matter can be made by contacting Miri Hospital Covid-19 Operation Room at 085-438206 during office hours. — Borneo Post