KUALA LUMPUR, June 8 — Yesterday it was reported that Langkawi hotels have received 1,000 bookings between 4.00pm to 4.45pm following the announcement that domestic tourism is permitted during the recovery movement control order (RMCO).

The figure came from the Langkawi Tourism Association (LTA) CEO, Zainudin Kadir and the story went viral on social media.

However, the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) has dismissed such claims. The story about Langkawi hotels receiving 1,000 bookings per hour has surprised not only the public and tourism agencies but the hoteliers themselves which have confirmed that it was falsely reported.

In a statement shared on Facebook, the MAH said that Langkawi Tourism Association (LTA) claims to represent tourism stakeholders of the popular island but little is known of its membership and source of data reported. It claims that LTA doesn’t have a functioning website and its Facebook page is also inactive.


According to Eugene Dass, the MAH Chairman for Kedah and Perlis chapter, although the hotel industry would love to see such a surge in bookings, the one thousand hotel bookings didn’t take place. He said that such news had caused anxiety and raised concerns among hoteliers and their employees, and they were surprised that such flawed information could spread through reputable news agencies like Astro Awani.

In an interview with TV3, he said such figures were over the top. The association is very particular about figures being mentioned as they want consumers who are planning for their holidays to make a proper and educated decision. They don’t want to give the impression that there are no hotel rooms available in Langkawi.


The MAH urge the media, tourism agencies and industry stakeholders to contact the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) to reconfirm news with the best intentions to spread the encouraging trend.

To recap, interstate travel is allowed from 10th of June 2020 during the RMCO. However, this excludes areas that are placed under Enhanced movement control order. — SoyaCincau