MELAKA, March 23 — In the grim situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Melaka folk have something to cheer about — the water levels are rising in two of the dams in the state that has had to impose water rationing in late January.

Chief Minister Datuk Sulaiman Md Ali broke the good news to the people today, saying rain over the past few days has helped.

In a statement, he said the water in the Durian Tunggal Dam in Alor Gajah is at a capacity of 27.3 per cent or 8,420 million litres, up from 23.9 per cent yesterday, following rainfall of 17 mm.

The water in the Asahan Dam in Jasin is at a capacity of 64.9 per cent or 452 million litres, up from 63.9 per cent yesterday, following three mm of rain, he said.


Sulaiman said the capacity at the Jus Dam in Jasin remains unchanged at 22.4 per cent or 9,700 million litres. The 33 mm of rainfall matched the consumption capacity.

Last Thursday, March 19, Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad said the water rationing in zones one and two in the state that was scheduled to end yesterday will be extended to March 31.

Water rationing in the state began on January 29 due to the dry spell.


The Meteorological Services Department has forecast thunderstorms in the state today and tomorrow, fine weather on Wednesday and rain on Thursday. — Bernama