KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 — Pharmaniaga Bhd Group managing director Datuk Farshila Emran said today it would not be able to spare any face masks for the public due to the spike in numbers of Covid-19 patients after the government announced it was importing 10 million face masks from China.

In a worded statement, Farshila explained that the 10 million pieces of face masks, when converted into a box of 50 pieces, only numbered 200,000 boxes, with the Health Ministry consuming 60,000 boxes weekly.

“We are working for the nation. People can say what they want.  All are welcome to Pharma so you can see what we do.

“We do logistics and distribution day and night. We don’t speculate nor do we take advantage of the current situation to make money,” she said, adding that Pharmaniaga had no intention to sell the masks but to distribute them as part of their corporate social responsibility.


Yesterday Transport Minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong described as slander an accusation by Putrajaya’s critics that the government was profiting from a donation of 10 million face masks from China by selling them at ceiling prices through Pharmaniaga.

He had said the government had bought the masks from China as local manufacturers were unable to supply them.

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang also urged Putrajaya to distribute the 10 million face masks imported from China to the public for free, after first giving priority to the frontliners.


Farshila also said Pharmaniaga facilitates direct import of the face masks, with traders taking advantage of the situation and hiking prices.

Farshila then called upon the public to go easy mercy on Pharmaniaga, who has been working tirelessly through the outbreak as staff toil round the clock to ensure the packing and distribution of masks are successful.

“We are here working to our best while these people can write anything they want.

“Intellectuals have the right to give an opinion and we cannot stop. But facts are respected in all situations,” she said.