Cloud seeding op in Melaka on Sunday only a partial success

MELAKA, Feb 10 — The cloud seeding operation undertaken in Melaka yesterday was only a partial success.

State Public Works, Transport and Public Amenities Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sofi Abdul Wahab said rain resulting from the operation mostly was away from the shore but some did fall over the target areas namely Sungai Batang Melaka, Empangan Jus and the catchment area in the Alor Gajah district.

“We will continue cloud seeding operations today based on plans and recommendations from the Meteorological Department but this will depend on clouds and winds. Each run takes about two hours and we hope to get better results,” he said in a statement here.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister’s Office in a message shared with the media on WhatsApp said the water level at the Durian Tunggal Dam, Alor Gajah near here was at 25.7 per cent or 7,920 million litres after receiving 12 mm of rainfall.

The level at two dams in Jasin, namely Empangan Jus is at 31.2 per cent or 13,525 million litres after getting 13 mm of rainfall; and at Empangan Asahan, it is at 58.1 per cent or 405 million litres (4 mm of rainfall). 

On January 29, Melaka implemented daily water rationing affecting 550,673 people (62.8 per cent of the residents in the state) to conserve water in facing a dry period due to phase two of the Northeast monsoon season that is expected to be over next month.

The water rationing enters the second phase from today until February 23 after the first that lasted 12 days.

This second phase includes industrial areas, tourism spots and hospitals in Melaka Historical City besides domestic consumers in the areas affected. — Bernama

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