KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 6 — The Finance Ministry (MoF) today emphasised that the mySalam scheme is a non-profit health insurance scheme and will not benefit any private insurance company.

In a statement today, the MoF said all government-paid premiums, if not used as claims by beneficiaries, would be reimbursed to the mySalam Trust Fund.

“It should be reiterated that there is no element of profit for Great Eastern Holdings nor Great Eastern Takaful Berhad (GETB) through the mySalam scheme.

“Therefore, there is no incentive for GETB to be a mySalam takaful manager, to not be able to issue any payments for eligible claims,” said the ministry.


The statement follows a recent case of a critical illness claim from a 48-year-old lorry driver, with a fourth stage colon cancer which has been rejected, and the ministry asserted that the driver did not send a copy of a medical report from a government hospital doctor.

According to the ministry, the claim process for mySalam is simple and clear that a patient who has been diagnosed with any of the 36 critical illnesses at a government, university or military hospital in Malaysia can submit a medical report to mySalam to qualify for RM8,000.

Information about mySalam including eligibility requirements can be easily found online at https://www.mysalam.com.my/. — Bernama