SHAH ALAM, July 28 — Most motorcyclists prefer using the highways rather than the special lanes provided for them on major roads and highways because of safety concerns.

While acknowledging that road rules and regulations dictate that they use the designated lanes, many motorcyclists have decided to put forth their personal safety, preferring instead to ride on the highways.

“The motorcycle lanes are no longer safe and neither do they provide a smooth ride,” said Muhammad Naguib Kaharudin, who heads the Kepala Kuasa Motorcycle Group (KKMG).

The lanes are narrow and ridden with potholes making it unsafe for the users, he added.


Citing the Kuala Lumpur-Shah Alam stretch on both directions of the Federal Highway, Muhammad Naguib said the riders preferred using the busy thoroughfare despite being choked with traffic, compared to the narrow motorcycles lanes.

He said the designated lanes made it difficult for riders especially when they were in an emergency situation. to overtake another “bike”. 

“There are no extra lanes, so just imagine when a motorcycle is faulty and suddenly stops, it is quite difficult to push the machine to the side especially when there are other motorcycles behind.”


“Also, these lanes are unsafe in the early morning and at night as they are poorly lit. I had an accident while riding a high-powered bike because of the poor conditions on the motorcycle route. 

“This is why I am willing to pay the the fine if the Police summon me for not using the lane rather than having to risk my life and spend up to thousands of dollars to repair the damaged vehicle,”  added  Muhammad Naguib.

 He also urged the relevant authorities to seriously look into the matter.

There is a need for larger and well-lit lanes, as well as provisions for rest areas to shelter them from the rain and during emergencies, he said, following concerns after a fatal accident on the motorcycle lane at the Federal Highway last week.

A motorcyclist in trying to avoid an earlier collision involving two other motorcycles, was killed together with his wife who was riding pillion.

Muhammad Hamadi Zakaria and Nur Syuhadah Zaini, both 31, died on the spot in the early morning accident, while the two motorcyclists sustained serious injuries and were rushed to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM). — Bernama