JOHOR BARU, April 28 — The government will not remove one’s religious status on the identity card, Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today.

He said the government has yet to conduct any findings on the suggestion to remove one’s religious status on the MyKad.

A Muslim’s faith is printed as “Islam” on the physical card, but the religious status of non-Muslims is not printed on the document, even though it is kept in the National Registration Department’s database.

“For the time being, there will not be any changes to the MyKad. This issue can create sensitivities as it touches on other races and we have to look into it carefully,” said Muhyiddin after a Bersatu meet-the-people session in conjunction with the launch of the party’s book titled Mulanya di sini... Johor Baru in Thistle Hotel here today.


He was responding to a recent report by several Malay news portals that DAP senator Nga Hock Cheh had suggested in Dewan Negara that the government drop someone’s faith on the MyKad for better unity in the country.

Muhyiddin, who is also the Pagoh MP, said the matter should be scrutinised and reviewed in depth to avoid causing other problems.

“Whatever it is, the matter is voiced in the Senate. These are the views of the Senate and we respect their views,” he said.


Earlier, Muhyiddin said there were suggestions raised in the past to remove someone’s faith from the MyKad, but it had never been initiated.

“There are some views saying that it is not appropriate as it will be against the Constitution as it involves the special rights of the Malays and to differentiate between the Malays and non-Malays.”

Two days ago, Nga created some controversy after suggesting in the Dewan Negara that the government drop someone’s faith on the MyKad for better unity.

Perak PKR chairman Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak labelled Nga’s suggestion as irresponsible and insensitive.