PUTRAJAYA, April 8 — The Health Ministry is currently working on a new Bill that will address both traditional tobacco cigarettes and electronic alternatives, which they aim to complete by the year’s end.

Minister Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad said at the present, tobacco cigarettes and vape come under different laws.

“Cigarettes are regulated by the Control of Tobacco Products Regulation 2004, itself under the Food Act 1983, while e-cigarette liquids containing nicotine fall under the Poisons Act 1952,” he said during the World Health Day 2019 celebrations at the ministry complex.

The new Bill will encompass all conceivable aspects of cigarettes and e-cigarettes, including its chain of supply, what can and cannot be used in its production, among others.


“With this Bill, it will make things easier for the authorities since they will only have to refer to one legislation instead of having to look at two.

“We expect to complete the Bill, and submit it to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for review by the end of the year,” Dr Dzulkefly said.

An estimated 9 million or 23 per cent of Malaysians are smokers. In 2016, the government sought to reduce the number by 15 per cent and spent RM3 billion to that effect.