KUALA LUMPUR, July 5 — The Terengganu State Fatwa Committee ruled that it was compulsory for Muslims in the state to be vaccinated because it was a process of prevention against diseases. 

The ruling was made during the State Fatwa Committee meeting on June 29 chaired by its Mufti Datuk Dr Zulkifly Muda, after it was confirmed that the contents of the vaccines for children was halal. 

“This is based on clearance given by health experts specifically invited to examine the contents of the vaccine,” said the State Fatwa Committee in a statement here today.

The committee also warned that children who were not vaccinated may suffer from physical, mental and other health problems. 


“Muslims in Terengganu are advised not to be fooled by propaganda that the vaccine is a Jewish agenda to weaken the Muslims. In fact, the Jews themselves are being inoculated with the same vaccine and there is no proof to any of the allegations,” stated the committee.  

The community was also told that even if there were side effects due to the vaccine, it would be minimal, temporary and will not endanger health. — Bernama