PARIS, May 6 — Blush is everywhere, to the point of becoming the ultimate beauty must-have and the basis of many new makeup trends. The ‘sunset blush’ look is the latest example to go viral on social networks. The idea is to treat yourself to a vibrant, healthy, sunset-effect complexion, while getting a head start on the summer.

A burst of warm colour, a sunset, and a touch of extravagance are the key ingredients for this summery makeup look. TikTok’s latest makeup trend — sunset blush — has already racked up several million views. There’s already a host of tutorials explaining how to get this new high-colour and glowy inspiration, and just as many comments praising its merits. There’s no denying that, this time around, social media users have shown their originality with a beauty look that’s clearly off the beaten track of blush. Gone are the all-too-classic pink shades, replaced by vibrant pops of bold colour that encompass a summer vibe.

While the cosmetics industry has often drawn inspiration from the world of food and drink in recent months, it now seems to be drawing on the riches of nature. The idea behind this inspiration is simple: transform your face into a blazing sunset using a blended gradient of red, pink or orange blush shades, enhanced with a touch of gold highlighter. To achieve this summer look, it’s best to opt for liquid textures, which are better suited to getting the desired effect.


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Once all the products have been assembled, simply apply them to the strategic parts of your face. As is often the case, the techniques differ from one tutorial to another, but in all cases, the aim is to create a fading colour gradient that transitions from one colour to another. Starting at the temple, apply the lightest colours, i.e., pink first, then move on to red and/or orange, working your way down diagonally down the cheekbones. As for the highlighter, it should be applied above the blush — just below the outer corner of the eye. The final step is to blend each blush colour, one by one, and with the illuminator, using a brush or sponge. The result is astonishing.

For several months now, blush has been the talk of the Chinese social network. Recent TikTok blush trends include ‘douyin blush,’ for a sunkissed look without the UV damage, white blush, to highlight the cheekbones and sculpt the face, purple blush, for a healthy glow, and more recently the ‘L Shape’ application method for foolproof results. The craze shows that blush is well and truly at the heart of current makeup trends, as one of the most coveted products of the moment. — ETX Studio