PETALING JAYA, April 25 — A night out clubbing is as much a rite of passage into adulthood for many as many social events, not unlike concerts or festivals.

For youngsters, celebrating their coming of age, more often that not, means socialising, dancing, enjoying music in a lively atmosphere, meeting new people, or simply enjoying quality time with friends.

And going clubbing is a one-stop choice for those multiple experiences.

While most spots, if you stay away from the dodgier and seedier choices, offer a viable, safe and well-managed environment with security in place, danger lurks for both the uninitiated, as well as the most seasoned clubber.


Knowing how to manage a good night out and keeping safe in various scenarios helps.

Kesvini a/p Mahathevan, has shared her experience going to the nightclub. — Picture via Kesvini
Kesvini a/p Mahathevan, has shared her experience going to the nightclub. — Picture via Kesvini

For 23-year-old final year student Kesvini a/p Mahathevan, going clubbing means entering a different world.


“For me, the nightclub experience is all about stepping into a different world, away from the routines and stresses of everyday life.

“I think people go there for various reasons, but one big part of it is the chance to let loose and have fun.”

For her, it means, “entering this bubble where you can dance, socialise, and forget about your worries for a while.

“It’s a form of escape from reality I would say.”

And for a few hours at least, it meant an escape from reality.

“It’s a space where you can be whoever you want to be, even if it’s just for a few hours.”

And the experiences differ between the different type of night out when it comes to nightlife for her.

“Bars typically have a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere compared to nightclubs.

“The focus is usually on providing a space for people to enjoy drinks and engage in leisurely socialising while the primary activity at nightclubs is usually dancing and partying.

“Bars tend to attract a diverse crowd of people looking for a more intimate and low-key social experience.

“Nightclubs on the other hand are more for partygoers looking for a lively and nightlife experience,” she added.

“People usually let loose and dance their worries away here.”

Pang An Qi (Angel) who is a regular Nightclub-goer stated,
Pang An Qi (Angel) who is a regular Nightclub-goer stated, "As a person who enjoys going to nightclubs, it is important to keep ourselves safe." — Picture via Angel

Pang An Qi (Angel), 22, an avid clubber, keeping safe it of the utmost priority.

“I’ll usually text and notify one of my close friends about my plans first.

“It’s also important to go with reliable friends and to not go alone, especially for girls.”

One of the most important safety tips for women that both young ladies agree on is when it comes to having a drink.

“While drinking in clubs, it would be good to carry the glass that you’re using at all times and be cautious of people pouring liquor into your glass to avoid being drugged.

“If you need to leave the table, you may request a new glass after coming back.”

And if you can’t handle your drinks, she also added, “make sure you know your tolerance and avoid getting too drunk.

“Lastly, stay conscious until the end of the party, or at least have someone trustworthy to look after you and bring you home after.”