KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13 — Many often turn to feng shui to attract positive energy or arrange their homes to create a balance with the natural world.

That, of course, isn’t all you can get from the ancient Chinese geomancy.

Some also turn to the centuries-old tradition to improve romance and find the most compatible partner based on the zodiac signs and auspicious stars.

Here’s a low-down of the most lovable zodiac signs in the Year of the Dragon when it comes to romance and relationships.



This year, the pig has many auspicious starts such as Tianxi and Hongluan to keep its love and relationship sweet and gratifying.

It is recommended to get married or engaged this year due to the presence of these stars.


Women who are married may also consider getting pregnant as it will be a joyful and noble move to catalyse ultimate good fortune throughout the year.


This year, peach blossoms are strong and love is favourable.

You may plan to get married, engaged or even pregnant to trigger a joyful atmosphere for countless good luck.

Married people under the influence of the peach blossom and Xianchi stars must be wary of the appearance of a third party to avoid triggering unnecessary family disputes and misunderstandings.

Feelings with your partner are prone to fade and cause arguments, hence, it is recommended to take the initiative to communicate more with your partner, stay calm and avoid getting carried away.


The Loving star is active and in your favour this year.

It would be a good year to get married or engaged.

The female Goat-zodiac will have better luck and it is easy to get pregnant and have a baby, which will promote stronger good luck and joy.


This is a year of good luck with many peach blossoms for the Snake.

Thanks to the presence of the Heavenly Happiness star, you will be happy in love throughout the year.

You may consider getting married or getting pregnant and having a baby this year.

If you are married, beware of a third party and avoid being attached to flowers and alcohol to avoid troubles resulting in family disputes and worries throughout the year.


With Tian Xi, Tian De, and Fu Xing shining high in your relationship, you will be delighted with love and joy throughout the year.

Engagement or marriage can be considered, and it is also easy to get pregnant and have a baby, which helps to further catalyse auspiciousness and good fortune.

Due to the presence of peach blossom and Tongue Rolling stars, married friends should clean up their act and beware of third parties to avoid misunderstandings, arguments and even family disputes.