KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4 — Celebrity chef Chef Wan has been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.

The 65-year-old took to his social media to announce the news to his one million followers.


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In the post, the father of two said doctors broke the news to him at 3pm on Thursday after running tests on the biopsy of his lymph nodes twice.


Assigned to see his oncologist, Chef Wan or his full name Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, said he would be undergoing a pet scan today, Friday, to determine where the cancer had spread and at what stage the disease stood.

The physician treating Chef Wan was confident that the disease was at its early stage as Chef Wan did not feel any sickness associated with the disease and judging from the size of the tumour.

“At this stage chances usually to get cured is 70 to 80%,” he said, adding that he would also be undergoing a test on his bone marrow on Monday before starting on his 13 cycle chemotherapy.

Chef Wan still managed to inject some humour in the post by saying that he could already imagine himself wearing different wigs with styles akin to Elvis Presley, M. Daud Kilau, Samy Vellu and Liberace.

He also referenced the “Linda Blair vomit” from the movie Exorcist when talking about the impending side effects of chemotherapy.

“Will look bad to look better after that lah,” he said, adding that he accepted the diagnosis with an open heart and great courage, noting that one just needed to take things one day at a time and in a positive way.

As to how his family took the news, Chef Wan said his daughter and son-in-law broke down but he told them not to cry as he would be fine.

“I am not leaving yet!” he said, adding that he needed to get well as he had to look after many people.

“Insyallah Allah will look after me,” he added, expressing his thankfulness that the disease was discovered at an early stage.

He also asked his followers not to worry about him as he hoped to inspire others.

“We will all go through this together.”

Prior to her demise early this year, Chef Wan’s mother Noraini Abdullah was also diagnosed with cancer.