KUALA LUMPUR, April 13 — Some say that alcohol can give one ‘wings to fly’ away from their problems.

A drunk Russian man took the saying literally when he fell off a 19-storey apartment and miraculously lived to tell the tale, Metro reported.

A recent viral video shows the man being helped by firemen to stand up from a crushed Nissan X-trail SUV with a crowd of awed spectators capturing the incident.

According to local reports, the man known as Arthur wandered into a random apartment to drink away his sadness after his girlfriend broke up with him.


Heartbroken, Arthur sat on a balcony for some time before losing his balance and falling down on top of a parked car.

As the car roof was smashed in under the impact of his fall, many onlookers were shocked and nervous for his safety.

However, as Arthur was assisted out of the drop zone, he seemed to be fine, walking slowly away from the car with a few scratches on his head.


Despite the massive fall, Arthur was still visibly happy and began singing all the way to the hospital, according to medics.

It appeared that the car was able to break most of the momentum of Arthur’s 19-storey fall, leaving him unharmed.

“It was incredible, he seemed to be really happy and was walking around as if not much had happened,” a witness told Russian media.