KUALA LUMPUR, April 11 — If your child refuses to attend school, consider gifting them a luxury ride as a birthday present as done by entrepreneur Farhana Zahra.

Taking to TikTok, Farhana shared that her five-year-old daughter Fatima stopped attending school in January after a day due to sickness.

When she recovered, Fatima avoided school claiming she was too young.

Farhana then decided to motivate Fatima to go to school by asking Fatima what she wanted for her coming birthday.


The girl responded she wanted either a BMW or a Mercedes G Wagon.

@farhanazahra91 Hari tu alasan dia xnak g school sbb belom birthday dia so xcukup lagi 5 tahun , sekarang dia mintak cikna BMW dengan G wagon plak baru nak g school, bmw cikna tahu la , g wagon menatang hape weyh??? #farhanazahra91 #fypシ #fyp original sound - Farhana Zahra

Farhana then made Fatima promise she would attend school if she received a Mercedes G Wagon, worth a whopping RM1.79 million.

The car was delivered on Monday, during a party and witnessed by friends and family members.


Happy birthday Nur Fatima Az zahra yang ke 5 happy dia dapat G Wagon yang dia nak, sampai dia asyik mintak nak pegang kunci je hahaha

original sound - Farhana Zahra

The video ended with Farhana wishing Fatima would attend school diligently as her wish had been granted and her ambition to be a doctor fulfilled.