KUALA LUMPUR, April 4 — A Pakistani foreign worker has found himself the centre of attention as a popular tudung seller on TikTok.

With his chiselled good looks and a set of dimples, it’s easy to see why his customers would be more interested in him than his merchandise.

Instead of questions about headscarves he was selling via livestream, he got a slew of questions about himself.

“Are you single?” asked a TikTok user. “I want to buy you, not the tudung.”


“Do you deliver? If you can personally deliver to my house, I will buy ten pieces,” said another.

Abang, how much are you?” said a third.

For his part, the 23-year-old seller named Asad, who works in a shop in Nilai 3, Negeri Sembilan, enjoyed the banter and did not let his growing fanbase down.


“If you buy five pieces, I will pack myself into the plastic bag,” he flirted.

@fizayaakub Replying to @cikvioletungu Ala, ramai la pulak yang berminat. Jadi sis reply la semua persoalan sekaligus. Nama tiktok, kedai kat mana semua ada dalam video. Yang mana bujang lagi kalau berkenan bolehlah pi beli tudung, kot² tersangkut . Yang dah jadi bini orang jangan dok gatai nak try pulak #TikTokMalaysia #fypmalaysia #fyp @Fiza Yaakub @Fiza Yaakub @Fiza Yaakub original sound - Fiza Yaakub

Even invitations to run away together and numerous marriage proposals did not faze him.

“Can, can, can, [sic]” he said in response to a customer who said she wanted him.

A lesser man would have been overwhelmed by all the attention, but good-humoured Asad took it all in his stride.

In one of his viral videos that was uploaded by a fan, he was affectionately nicknamed Abang Papal, for his mispronunciation of ‘purple’ while describing one of the scarves.

From his well-defined nose to his command of Malay, it is amusing to watch him keep up with the never-ending compliments.

“I’ve been working in Malaysia for the past nine months,” he told Malay Mail.

He has also confirmed that he’s still single, so ladies, keep shopping!