KUALA LUMPUR, March 29 — Malaysian social media influencer Jenn Chia fulfilled her dream to meet Hong Kong comedian Stephen Chow.

In a short video posted to Instagram on Monday, Chia — known online as SoImJenn — shared her story on how a wishful comment on Chow’s post resulted in their meeting.

In February, Chow responded to Chia’s request to see him after fans boosted her comment on his newly-created Instagram account.

A month later on March 24, Chia flew out to Hong Kong to meet the Kung Fu Hustle star, filled with excitement and nervousness.


“My dream is about to happen yo!” Chia exclaimed in her video.


Upon meeting him in a restaurant, she got Chow’s signature on a DVD of Shaolin Soccer and shared a ‘delicious Teochew meal’ with the man himself.

Chia’s face was gobsmacked as she witnessed her comedic inspiration signing her DVD. She was later seen in tears, clutching onto his autograph.

Chia was so touched by Chow’s kind act that she asked her followers yesterday to send in videos of themselves recreating an iconic scene from Shaolin Soccer for a thank-you tribute video.

“Thank you for making my dreams come true guys!” Chia said to her fans.

Chow himself also reposted Chia’s video on his Instagram story, adding to Chia’s starstruck experience.

“Happy to see you,” Chow responded.

Other local influencers including entrepreneur Jane Chuck and actress Elizabeth Tan congratulated Chia, happy that got to meet the comedy legend.

Chia’s visit is part of Chow’s #CreatewithStephen campaign, an effort to collaborate with online personalities chosen by the man himself.