KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 16 — A hawker in Singapore decided to do the right thing by returning money left behind by a patron instead of pocketing it.

The customer had left his sling bag containing the money at a table in front of bak kut teh seller Jalynn Woon's stall at Jurong West, Singapore.

Upoh checking, Woon, of Hong Ji Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh, found a thick stack of SG$100 (RM330) notes in the bag, The Straits Times reported.

“I remembered that there was a man seated at the table and decided to keep it in case he came back since it looked like a lot of money,” the 37-year-old said.


True enough, the patron returned to look for his bag hours later.

According to Woon, the patron, who gave his name as Bay, appeared lost and flustered when he returned.

“After thanking me profusely, he told me the money was to pay for his younger brother’s funeral,” she said, adding that there was a total of SG$13,000 (RM42,904) in the bag.


To express his gratitude, Bay told Woon that he would ask his friends to patronise her stall.

A Stomp reader, who referred to Bay as his uncle, said: "Being the person he was, my uncle was pessimistic and did not think his bag would still be at the stall... Fortunately, Ms Woon had kept the bag safe and all the money was intact.

“My uncle is grateful to Ms Woon for her kind gesture and uprightness.”