KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 15 — As Malaysia goes to the polls this Saturday (Nov 19), the Malaysia Information Literacy Education (MILE) has created a browser game to help first-time voters navigate the spread of misinformation, extensive politicking and propaganda.

Funded by the Google News Initiative and illustrated by Studio Behind 90, the game Are You Yang Bijak? is an expansion of MILE’s popular 2021 Choices I Make game originally created to help Malaysians navigate the Covid-19 infodemic.

According to MILE co-founder Darshini Kandasamy, Are You Yang Bijak? would address electoral dis- and misinformation, as well as political and divisive propaganda.

The game, she added, also aims to educate players on fact-checking and cybertroopers.


“In addition, we aim to teach game users to identify related personal biases that could affect their ability to discern false or misleading information and educate them on the consequences of believing, and spreading them,” she said in a statement.

The group was motivated to expand on its original game based on feedback received after the release of the first game during the height of the pandemic late last year, to help first-time voters become informed electorates.

Available in English, Malay and Chinese, it can be played both on desktop and mobile.


The game can be assessed at http://choicesimake.com/yangbijak/en for English, http://choicesimake.com/yangbijak/my for Malay and http://choicesimake.com/yangbijak/zh for Chinese.