PETALING JAYA, Sept 12 — A veterans’ home in Taiwan decided to spice up its Mid-Autumn festival celebrations with some erotic dancing.

The Taoyuan Veterans Home in the city of Taoyan drew flak recently after a video of a scantily-clad woman dancing for its elderly residents went viral on social media.

While the clip was uploaded to Facebook last Friday (Sept 9), Liberty Times Net reported that the incident took place on Sept 7.

In the 35-second clip, a woman dressed in lingerie and heels is seen sitting on the floor and spreading her legs in the air.


While most of the audience members are elderly men in wheelchairs, two other individuals are seen filming the scene with their mobile phones.

Gesturing to one resident in particular, the dancer gets up to press her chest against his face while holding onto the handles of his wheelchair.

She then encourages him to cup her breasts, before guiding his hand in a downward slide along her chest, stomach and crotch.


The dancer ends her performance by lovingly stroking the man’s bald head.

The clip has since racked up over 25,000 views, and 10,000 comments.

According to its website, Taoyuan Veterans Home is a government-run organisation catering to retired army personnel and includes long-term care for those with dementia and other disabilities.

The home told Liberty Times Net on Friday (Sept 9) the 15-minute performance was during an event “specially arranged” for residents with mobility issues.

Apologising for the performance, the home added that the dancer had become “overzealous” as she wanted the audience to feel her “enthusiasm and energy”.

While many criticised the home for holding the event in the first place, others in turn said the residents deserved “to have some fun”.

Recent comments left on the home’s Facebook page meanwhile expressed support, saying there was “nothing to apologise for”.