KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — Finland’s youngest prime minister Sanna Marin has come under fire after a video of her partying was leaked on social media recently.

In a short clip that has gone viral on social media, the 36-year-old leader is seen dancing and singing with her friends, including Finnish celebrities and social influencers.

While the prime minister’s critics accused her of inappropriate behaviour, she was praised by her supporters on social media who defended her right to party.

According to BBC, the viral clip sparked outrage among the opposition parties with one leader demanding a drug test from Marin.


Following the call, Marin appeared at a press conference and insisted that she did "perfectly legal things”.

She, however, said she would be willing to take a drug test if necessary.


Commenting on the video, Marin was quoted saying she knew she was being filmed but was upset that the video had become public.

"I danced, sang, and partied — perfectly legal things.

"And I've never been in a situation where I've seen or known of others [using drugs].”

This is not the first time the young leader has come under fire for her partying lifestyle.

Last year, Marin had to apologise for going clubbing after coming into close contact with a Covid-19-positive case.

Marin became the world’s youngest prime minister after winning office in 2019.

The title is now being held by Chilean president Gabriel Boric, who is a year younger than Marin.