KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 — A Korean man is being investigated by police after he berated a mother who could not pacify her crying baby during a flight.

A clip was shared on Twitter of the incident which had taken place on August 14 during a flight from Busan to Jeju, The New Paper reported.

The man, in his 40s, walked to the mother's seat and told her she should not have a child if she could not educate the kid.

In the clip, the man’s tirade did not appear to be a short one, as he allegedly cursed and took off his mask at one point while a flight attendant tried to calm him down.

"B***h, who said you could have a child,” the man tells the mother.

"You should apologise. Cursing at your child is sh*tty but me being bothered is ok? Is it ok for an adult to be bothered?”

Korean news outlets reported that he was handed over to the police after the flight landed in Jeju.

He is being investigated for possible violations of aviation laws and could be sentenced to up to three years jail or fined up to 30 million won (RM101,745) for the disturbance.