PETALING JAYA, Aug 8 — A kind Singaporean woman, Huiyu, has been going all out to nurse sick felines by designing her flat with proper facilities to aid them in their recovery from various diseases.

In Singapore’s Mothership Sg portal, she has featured some of her cats — Sunny, Summer, Celebi and Didi — living with either Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) or Feline Leukemia Virus (FelV).

While FIV is a virus specific to the cat family, it attacks and weakens the immune system of cats and there is no cure for it.


FelV, on the other hand, is a form of leukaemia that invades cats’ immune system and blood-forming tissues.

The news portal also reported that Huiyu has designed her home in such a way that her front gate has metal mesh on its bottom half to prevent the cats from climbing and escaping.

Her bathroom, meanwhile, is designed to allow cats to room freely while she has portioned part of her home for isolating cats that are sick by installing a glass sliding door.


In terms of food and care, she said that for some of her cats that are more prone to be sick and need care, she administers subcutaneous fluid to help prevent dehydration.

“My home — It’s like a nursing room.

“I wanted my cats to have the access, or the freedom to go in and out of my room and not disturb my sleep,” she told the portal.

Cats that are sicker than the rest would be given ‘higher quality food’ than the rest.

She also works with a private Singaporean shelter, Keep Cats, to help get cats rescued and fostered if needed.

In an Instagram post, Keep Cats page posted a reel showing some of the cats in their new home in Huiyu’s flat simply playing or being looked after.

Huiyu also hopes that adopters can consider looking after FelV-positive cats although that means having to deal with these cats having a shorter lifespan than the average cat.