KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4 — French fashion brand Dior has been accused of cultural appropriation again.

This time for its new sweatshirt, part of the brand's latest 2022 autumn and winter ready-to-wear collection, which Chinese social media users claimed it looked like the Chinese traditional flower-and-bird paintings.

To prove their point, a social media user posted comparison photos on Weibo, Global Times reported.

According to the portal, the product has been introduced by the brand on its website as its iconic Jardin d'Hiver (winter garden).

Similar flower-and-bird patterns can also be seen in other Dior's dresses and coats, though the brand introduces this collection as an interpretation of Mr. Dior's wall murals.

Just last month, the luxury brand was accused of copying designs from a traditional Chinese garment called Mamianqun or the horse face dress.

While it has yet to publicly address the complaints, the portal said Dior had stopped selling the dress in China.

Unhappy with the latest development, Chinese students studying overseas have been organising protests on the matter.

Just last week, a protest was held at a square near Dior's flagship store in Paris that saw them holding pictures that compared Dior's new skirt with the traditional Chinese horse face skirt.

“This is a traditional Chinese dress,” “Dior plagiarised the design” and “Stop cultural appropriation,” their banners read.