KUALA LUMPUR, May 20 — An 11-year-old boy from Baling, Kedah is being cheered online for successfully making his way across a high jump pole — with some help from one of his teachers.

The boy, Mohd Syafi Zikri Mohd Sobri, seen in a TikTok video shared by his brother, showcases Syafi at his school field, enthusiastically making his way towards the high jump pole.

He is greeted by his teacher who proceeds to give him a boost over the pole as Syafi inches closer to the pole.

And the crowd goes wild.


Syafi’s brother, Mohamad Haikal Mohd Sobri said the 11-year-old Syafi is a child with special needs who was diagnosed with dwarfism.

“Although Syafi is considered as a person with disability (PWD), that’s only on the outside.

“He can think just like normal people do and even though he’s small, he is by far the most active member of our family,” Haikal told Malay Mail.


The 24-year-old also explained that the TikTok video was taken by one of Syafi’s teachers at Lanai’s Primary School on Wednesday, whose students were in the midst of their practice for the school’s sports day.

“Previously, I’ve shared a video of Syafi participating in a high jump activity at his school back in 2020 but he didn’t make it across the pole at that time.

“But this year, the teacher decided to do something special for Syafi because of Syafi’s enthusiasm as he had never backed out from any sporting events at his school; he will surely join them no matter what.

“As for Syafi, he was overjoyed because this is his first time making it across the pole,” Haikal said.

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Haikal added that the teacher who helped give Syafi a boost is Cikgu Azman, who’s known by many for his sporting character.

Syafi and Cikgu Azman posing together. — Picture courtesy of Mohamad Haikal Mohd Sobri 
Syafi and Cikgu Azman posing together. — Picture courtesy of Mohamad Haikal Mohd Sobri 

Cikgu Azman teaches science at the school and used to teach Haikal as well.

Haikal said Syafi was very passionate and outgoing which was why many were fond of him.

“At school, Syafi is known by the majority of his schoolmates; meanwhile at home, he is loved by everyone including our uncles and aunties.

“When he’s by himself, he loves to play PUBG Mobile games on the phone and he would also occasionally play football with his friends or sometimes go fishing with them,” he said, adding that Syafi wants to be a MotoGP racer when he grows up.

The video of Syafi making it across the high jump pole has amassed over a million views on TikTok with many social media users cheering for Syafi and Cikgu Azman for going above and beyond.

“I am a teacher, and I am so proud of this teacher. Congrats Cikgu, hope more students will learn from you. All the best Syafi,” commented user Laksmi Muthu.

“It’s true that he has a pull that can attract people to befriend him. I can see a lot of his friends cheering on the side-line,” user DeenDyno commented.

“Oh my god, everyone is so supportive! Awesome teacher, awesome students,” commented user Dya Syazzy.

Haikal added that he was overjoyed upon receiving warm and positive comments from local social media users who share kind thoughts and prayers towards Syafi and his family.

“The thoughtful comments and prayers from social media users showed me that PWD’s are still loved by many.

“The video is also a great example for children who have the same condition as Syafi,” Haikal said.