PETALING JAYA, April 25 — Kind-hearted Muhammad Faiz Basirun often brings food for stray dogs, cats and monkeys near his home and during the month of Ramadan, he would break his fast with them.

Muhammad Faiz, 20, who hails from Langkawi, said that he has always had a soft spot for strays including cats and monkeys, and is delighted when he is able to feed them.

Speaking to Malay Mail, he said that he couldn’t bear to see the animals hungry while he had food to eat.

“I just feel that it’s so unfair that these strays don’t have a home and are often seen scouring for food.



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“The money used to buy dog or cat food is a combination of my savings or donations from animal lovers.


“I’ve been feeding these strays for almost two years now.”

Muhammad Faiz also shared that whenever he felt down, he would go out to buy a packet of dog or cat food to feed the strays and he would be in good spirits once again.

“It’s a feeling I can’t describe when I see them — a combination of happiness and fulfillment.

“I also consider these animals my friends and would stop my car to feed them when I see them at the side of the road.

“The dogs have never attacked me as they know that I’m their ‘food provider’ and would start barking in excitement once they hear the sound of my motorcycle approaching them,” he said.

He also uses his TikTok account to educate the public on how to feed these strays, especially the dogs and monkeys.

The caring Kedahan has received praise after many were touched by his kind gesture.