PETALING JAYA, April 12 ― An Indonesian woman has gone viral after using the “smackdown” technique in wrestling to beat up a thief who stole her handphone at a roadside stall.

Indonesian news portal Detik News reported that the incident happened in the Banjar district in South Kalimantan where the woman went ballistic and started beating up the thief.


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After beating the man, she then hurled him to the ground and started hitting him while shouting before others came to stop her.

The news portal reported that police chief Doni Hadi Santoso said that the incident happened two nights ago at a roadside stall in Banjar’s Simpang Tiga Village.

It was also reported that the police would be looking for the criminal’s address and a statement declaring peace would be made between the thief and the woman as many had pitied the thief.

The video on TikTok has been watched by over two million people with many praising the Indonesian woman’s strength while others were convinced that she had been watching World Wrestling Entertainment.

One user jokingly quipped, “This woman has a secret talent in wrestling.”

“Wow, she even has a cigarette in one hand, and uses the other hand to beat the thief,” said another user.

Another user ‘advised’ all to not mess with the woman because she might even go to the extent of carrying a lorry that was next to the stall.