PETALING JAYA, March 28 — A local Malay couple has gone viral after having a creative twist to their big day in Seremban by having a Star Wars-themed wedding.

Elements from the worldwide pop culture franchise were incorporated into the celebrations for their big day with the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) off the soundtrack played to welcome the newlyweds in their walk up the aisle instead of the usual kompang beat.



Groom Rohaizad Rahmat who hails from Seremban told Malay Mail that he has always been a huge fan of Star Wars and even wore a black tuxedo to represent his favourite character — Darth Vader.

“I just love Star Wars so much thanks to my dad who used to take us to watch the movies and that was why I incorporated it as much as I could into the wedding,” he said.


The Malay couple then surprised the crowd after holding a huge lightsaber as a gimmick to cut their wedding cake instead of using a cake knife.

“No knife, just a lightsaber.

“Background music being played was also a tune from the Star Wars playlist which are all my husband’s favourite songs,” wrote the captions of the viral video.

Many were amused with the wedding style while one TikTok user said that the wedding should be held on May 4, which is also the Star Wars Day.

“There should be a Stormtrooper battalion as well to accompany this wedding couple,” wrote another TikTok user.

“The force is strong with this couple,” wrote another user.