SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 2 ― Is it time to take up crocheting? Considered a has-been pastime just a few years ago, crochet has gained much popularity since the first Covid lockdown, allowing both novices and experts to stock up their wardrobes while practicing a relaxing pursuit. The craze is such that some of the biggest luxury fashion houses have been using this handicraft technique to put a new spin on their most emblematic pieces.

What do Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Paloma Elsesser have in common? They have all taken to crochet. Well, in a manner of speaking, because all of them have been spotted wearing clothes and accessories made using this technique, which can be traced back several centuries. And in doing so, these three fashion icons haven't committed any fashion faux pas ― quite the contrary. Instead, they have their finger on the pulse of a trend that soon everyone will be snapping up.

From granny's doilies...

First, forget any clichéd ideas about crochet being for boomers. Crochet was actually in vogue long before, starting in the early 1900s. So it was all the range among the grandparents, or even great-grandparents, of Millennials. But, back then, it was mainly used to make home textiles: think granny's infamous placemats and doilies ― a one-time must-have. Long neglected, crochet started making a comeback a few years ago, driven by the craze for all things DIY, but its rise is also directly linked to an event that we could all have done without.




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Indeed, the pandemic has helped restore the reputation of this forgotten technique. So while some people took up sports to get through this trying time more smoothly, others turned to activities that they didn't previously have the time ― or the patience ― to accomplish in their daily lives, filled with an endless cycle of commuting and work. With some yarn and a needle, people started making blankets, tablecloths, hats, and other accessories during the months spent social distancing, simultaneously elevating crochet to the status of a new, ultra-trendy craze, bringing on board not only boomers, but all generations.


… to TikTok sensation

As such, users of TikTok ― the favourite social network of Gen Z and Millennials ― have also been going wild for the technique. The #crochet hashtag now has no less than 5.8 billion views, and is already used in all sorts of ways. The youngest users are more specifically looking for tutorials, project ideas and challenges. Note that the craze for crochet is such that the hashtag #crochetaddict has scored several tens of millions of views. And the videos can be quite surprising, as users no longer limit themselves to doilies and swimsuits ― far too obvious. Now, they are revamping their wardrobes completely.

While some didn't take long to become accomplished crocheters, others have found plenty of time to learn how to master this old-fashioned technique. Instagram and TikTok accounts dedicated entirely to crochet are also multiplying at high speed. Mamie Crochet, Bella Coco Crochet, Crochet Artists, ppia.crochet and LoveCrafts Crochet are some popular options, whether it's for getting started, seeking inspiration, or simply finding pieces to enrich your wardrobe.

A Fashion Week appearance

In recent months, ready-to-wear brands like Jaded London seem to have also succumbed to the crochet trend, offering not only the triangle swimsuits we all know, but also bucket hats, scarves, tops, jackets, dresses, and even reviving the inevitable 'granny square' which has also proved a hit on social media. The craze could have stopped there, but then some of the biggest fashion houses decided to put crochet on the catwalk at Fashion Week.

For summer 2022, for example, the Chloe label showcased a crochet it-bag that, with its rainbow stripes and its removable strap, is likely to win over more than a few fashion fans. And the luxury brand isn't alone in embracing the trend, which has been cropping up in all the fashion capitals. At this point, it seems like everything is in place for this once out-dated activity to rise to the rank of a new fashion icon. ― ETX Studio


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