KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 ― Last year was an uncertain year for Malaysia across political, financial and public health landscapes.

However, despite the uncertainties, many remain hopeful that the Year of Tiger may bring some positivity to Malaysia.

As we head into the new Lunar year soon, Malay Mail asked feng shui masters Kenny Hoo and Yap Boh Chu to tell us what’s in store for Malaysia this year based on the annual BaZi chart.

Kenny Hoo – ‘The brighter year’


According to Hoo, 2022 will usher in endless opportunities, improvements, progress and prosperity for various fields.

“2022 will be a great year of volatility but will inspire countless new opportunities and business opportunities.”

Hoo said the price of raw materials such as rubber, wood, palm oil, vegetables and fruits, furniture, medical supplies and gasoline is expected to see a steady rise this year.


“Medicine and healthcare, electronics, telecommunications and high-tech products will have a more prosperous year in 2022.”

Hoo also noted that the sectors that were badly affected by the pandemic such as aviation, transportation and tourism will start to see new opportunities and rising demand this year.

According to him, the good relationship between Malaysia and China will help Malaysia to continue to prosper in the region, causing higher demand for many home-grown products.

Hoo, however, cautioned that this year may not have much luck for the southwest region.

“If your house or office door is situated in the southwest, you must pay more attention to your health this year. 

“The southwestern regions and countries may have a relatively high rate of infectious diseases, so people who plan to travel in that region may have to take measures to prevent diseases and natural disasters.”

To encourage positive energy, Hoo said it’s advisable to use blue decorations in the central, southwest, west, north, northwest and northeast directions of the house or office.

“Avoid red, yellow and brown decorations, especially in the central and southwest directions.”

Yap Boh Chu ― ‘Teamwork is key’

According to Yap, the new Lunar year will bring opportunity and growth, however, there will be some turbulent weather ahead.

Yap said the road to success in 2022 is for those who pay attention to teamwork and cooperation.

He also noted that the opportunity awaits those who travel this year.

“World tensions will ease and obstacles will be over through joint efforts.”

Yap said the travel industry will experience a boom and can expect to recover from the losses brought by the pandemic over the past two years.

He, however, cautioned that more transport accidents are expected in the coming Lunar year.

“This year will also have earth-related disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides in the east.”

Yap predicted the education sector will prosper in 2022, while the oil and gas industry will see better days ahead when compared to the previous years.

“The year may not be so great for financial institutions and manufacturing such as heady industries like motor vehicles and heavy engineering.”

Yap said February, March, May and December are good months, while June, September and November may be volatile.