PETALING JAYA, Jan 17 — A woman in China went berserk by shredding 32 wedding dresses after a bridal salon refused to return her deposit money following a cancelled order.

Daily Mail reported that the incident happened after the salon informed the customer that it would not return her deposit of £400 (RM2,288) she had agreed to as part of a wedding package worth £915 (RM5,235)  last year.



A viral video on Chinese social media network Weibo captured the woman named Jiang using a pair of scissors and cutting the dresses at the salon in China’s Chongqing city.

She then goes and rips a lavish red-and-gold traditional Chinese wedding gown at the end of the video worth 10,000 yuan (RM6,591)

“Think clearly. These dresses cost several thousands of yuan,” the person filming is heard saying to her.

The angry woman however replied in Mandarin saying it was not an issue to her even if it cost several tens of thousands. 

The bridal salon’s manager told Chinese news portal Sohu that the store maintains a policy of not refunding advance payments but had offered to help the woman cater for a child’s birthday celebration as she was allegedly expecting a baby.

Police arrived at the store and detained the woman who has since apologised while her husband offered to pay compensation for the torn dresses — although not enough to cover all the damage.

Many commented on Twitter saying that what she did was an atrocious act while others were sympathetic towards the bridal shop and wondered who was going to pay for all the damage in the bridal store.