KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 ― Leading superapp in the region, Grab Malaysia, is celebrating the legendary deeds of its drivers and delivery partners through the art of comics.

The inaugural initiative, called “Grab Lejen '' aims to recognise the real stories and dedication of its drivers and riders, and further enrich their lives with enhanced benefits via GrabBenefits.

Commenting on the initiative, Grab Malaysia country operations director Rashid Shukor said they hope to continue honouring their partners for their incredible acts of service and kindness while serving their fellow Malaysians.

“Our partners have shown us that despite the trying year we have all gone through, there is nothing we cannot overcome as a nation if we show each other a little kindness.

“We are looking to further expand the support Grab is providing them for their various needs.”

To kick off the campaign, Grab Malaysia released a short film to feature a compilation of some of the true stories Malaysians have shared of driver- and delivery-partners going above and beyond the call of duty over the past year.

Additionally, Grab Malaysia will also reveal the comics by Ujang after its weekly livestream events throughout the month with the real life partners receiving exclusive rewards from Grab as a token of our appreciation.

The launch of Grab Lejen is part of Grab’s wider commitment to celebrate its community under the banner of Festival Rakan Grab.

Surf over here to check out the comics.

Going above and beyond the call of duty

Perak-based Rizuam Abdul Karim is a great example of true Grab Lejen as he spends hours trying to deliver orders despite having hearing impairment.

The deaf driver used to work as a cook in a small restaurant prior to becoming a Grab delivery partner a year ago.

“Some of my happiest moments are when customers appreciate my service and give me tips, which really help with my earnings.”

Rizuam said he often faces difficulties when customers provide the wrong location but he always manages to find ways and overcome the challenges faced by his health condition.

“I am really happy that through this job, I am able to help those around me and see my contribution to society.”

Exclusive rewards with Mantap GrabBenefits

In addition to honouring Grab’s partners who have performed exemplary acts of service, Grab is also rewarding all its partners by offering exclusive and relevant rewards on GrabBenefits throughout the month-long celebration.

These benefits are on top of what is currently available for partners on GrabBenefits and were curated based on partners’ feedback to meet their needs best such as petrol rebates, vehicle maintenance and healthcare coverage.

Some of the special deals include fuel bonuses, discounted rates on car batteries, smartphones as well as cleaning and hygiene products.

Grab is also engaging with partners via livestream events to further educate partners on how best to leverage GrabBenefits.

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GrabBenefits is a programme aimed to enrich the partners’ lives by offering them benefits, discounts, and loyalty programmes to maximise their earnings and save on everyday expenses as well as provide them with protection.

The programme consists of three main categories:

The comic series feature the true stories Malaysians have shared of driver- and delivery-partners going above and beyond the call of duty over the past year. ― Picture courtesy of Grab Malaysia
The comic series feature the true stories Malaysians have shared of driver- and delivery-partners going above and beyond the call of duty over the past year. ― Picture courtesy of Grab Malaysia


Grab assists its partners in the protection of their welfare through GrabInsure.

For the past three years, Grab has been providing its partners with work-related insurance coverage that protects both drivers and passengers on every job.

The package comes with Grab’s Group Personal Accident that covers all on-the-job incidents and the enhanced 24/7 GrabBenefits insurance that covers incidents outside of jobs for delivery-partners.

The firm also introduced Grab Daily E-hailing Insurance as a convenient and affordable alternative to annual e-hailing insurance.

GrabBenefits also allows partners to conveniently contribute to the Social Security Organisation and the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

The company recently collaborated with EPF to encourage Grab’s community of partners to contribute via EPF’s i-saraan programme.

Qualified Grab partners will also receive incentives offered by Grab of additional contribution of up to 10 per cent.


Grab helps its partners to save cost on essential items needed to lower their operational costs.

This includes rebates for fuel and vehicle maintenance via Grab’s panel of partners nationwide and even setting up multiple Grab Pit Stops for partners to rest.

The firm also provides easy access to contribute to Zakat.


Grab provides its partners with access to upskilling courses on GrabAcademy via training and development programmes aimed at empowering driver- and delivery-partners with various skills.

For example, the firm organises digital literacy programmes in partnership with Microsoft, and financial literacy programmes to equip its partners with digital and financial skills and knowledge.

“As a homegrown tech enabler, we want to ensure that other than providing Malaysians with easy access to income.

“We also put in place efforts and initiatives that safeguard their welfare ― from on-the-road savings and protection via insurance to quality living and financial resilience,” said Rashid.