PETALING JAYA, Oct 22 — Sahran Sirain has brought joy to children in his village after inventing a creative mini train ride using an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) and empty water containers.

A video on TikTok showing his fun ride has gone viral with over 500,000 views with praises for his creative idea.



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The Negri Sembilan man told Malay Mail that since his mini train ride was completed a week ago, many have booked to get the train ride and at times, he was unable to fulfil their wishes.

“With interstate travels now allowed, many have been returning to their kampung and children from different states are excited to get on the train ride.


“There are days where I’m unable to fulfil everyone’s wishes as there are too many bookings and my schedule is tight.

“I also have two motorcycle escorts in the front and back for safety reasons to make sure the children are properly tucked inside.”

Sahran, who hails from Jempol’s Felda Pasoh is a contractor and his ATV ride is a way for him to generate side income.

He added that he started charging a small fee after one of his friends suggested doing so and earns about RM70 a day from the train rides.

Asked as to how he got the idea to invent the creative train ride, he said he was inspired by a villager who made the same creation in another neighbourhood.

“When I saw my friend from another neighbourhood making the mini train ride, I decided to make my own using empty water containers and my ATV.

“I bought the vehicle five years ago to use in the oil palm plantation.

“But because there were potholes on the roads coupled with my backache pain from all those rides, I had stopped using it for a while.

“So I thought, why not use it to bring cheer to children and gain some money?” he said.

While the rides for children are priced at RM3, adults need to pay RM5 per ride for a duration of 20 minutes.