PETALING JAYA, Sept 22 — Singaporean self-proclaimed clairvoyant Bambi Leong earns over S$70,000 (RM 216,906) a month casting spells, reading tarot cards, selling haunted dolls and making genitalia-shaped candles.

Leong, 28, who goes by the nickname DarkWitchBambi, owns The Love Witch in Sim Lim Square electronics mall and has a collection of books of spells such as talking to the dead and cursing the living.

Coconuts Singapore reported Leong also promotes an endless list of spiritual and sex-positive services, offers more than 20 types of ritual oils labelled with names such as ‘Make You Love Me’, ‘Lust for Me Only’, and ‘Break Up’.

Her ritual oils are priced at S$35 (RM108.45) each and 2,000 of the oils have been sold worldwide.


One can also find rows of candles shaped like penises and vaginas selling for S$45 (RM139) which are essential components for love or sex spells and crystals and figurines of angels and demons.

Leong’s lifelike dolls are claimed to be made with the help of a man who is related to the American couple where The Conjuring movies were based on.

Having a mostly female clientele, Leong recalls her mother and aunts reassuring her that the dead people she ‘saw’ were just ‘deceased family and friends’ coming back to visit.


Looking into the past and future is a skill she claims it has enabled her to spot backstabbing friends and cheating lovers.

For most of her clients, love seems to be the most common problem and also for her to gain revenues.

When casting love spells, Leong will carve their target’s name and birthdate to a candle and slather it with one of her special oils as red candles ignite desire while black candles are for curses.

“If you get a red dick candle, you are spelling for a guy to lust for you so you’re going to carve his real name and date of birth on the candle and coat it with the ‘Lust For Me’ oil or ‘Make You Love Me’ oil.

“It depends on whether you just want the sex, or you want sex plus love.”

Connecting her lonely clients to spirit companions who inhibit dolls, Leong managed to source an online community with the grandson of famed paranormal investigators Lorraine Warren and Ed Warren, Chris McKinnel.

She owns over 100 dolls, some of which are displayed in her room and kept well-groomed, and have been passed down from grandparents to their grandchildren.

Leong claims to have astrally projected to ask Satan himself for permission to conjure the demons a customer requested, and one of the customers had asked her to close his ‘third eye’ as he was overwhelmed by his new ability.

She said she tries to steer away from black arts due to the distressing reality of Singapore’s overly superstitious community, focusing on helping people make their own pacts with the devil to secure ‘fame, money, protection and luxury’ for S$360 (RM1,115) online named ‘Devil Pact with Satan’.