KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11 ― Animals in the Beijing Safari Park started to fight among themselves after seeing visitors do so near their enclosure earlier in the day.

Based on a video released by Beijing Daily, Global Times reported that the earlier fight had initially started with a war of words among visitors before it escalated to a physical fight.

In the video, men and women can be seen on the ground, kicking and pulling at each other's hair.


A woman holding a baby joins in and kicks another woman who was already on the ground and tore at her hair.

The woman with the baby was later kicked from behind by a man, causing them to fall on the ground.


“They shouted at each other, tore at each other and many tourists and animals were watching.”

“The two sides later reached a settlement after mediation,” a park spokesman said via their official WeChat

The animals near the scene later started to fight among themselves after, which zoo authorities said, threatened to turn out of control at one point.

Under the patient guidance of the keeper, the animals realised that fighting was ‘not good’, said the park spokesman.

The incident has amused many social media users.

A social media user said human beings also made animals laugh while another wrote now it was the animals' turn to enjoy a circus.