LOS ANGELES, Aug 10 ― The pandemic has had a significant impact on the sleep, diet, lifestyle and mental health patterns of populations around the world. The World Wellness Weekend will be back on September 18 and 19 for a special and highly anticipated edition, with free activities to be discovered in the four corners of the globe to find some serenity and start the autumn season on the right foot. Mark your calendars!

If you've always thought that yoga might be the perfect activity to improve your well-being, but never dared to take the plunge, the World Wellness Weekend is for you. The event is offering free trials of hundreds of activities around the world so that everyone can find the one that suits them best in their daily life.

Taking place on September 18 and 19 in some 130 countries ― 950 cities and nearly 1,500 establishments, this fifth edition is coming at a particularly important time in the midst of a global pandemic. Over the past year and a half, numerous studies have revealed some of the damage the health crisis has had on our state of well-being, from sleep disorders to sedentary lifestyle, changes in our eating habits, and more generally by fractured and fragile states of mental health. More than ever, this weekend seems to come at the right moment to allow as many people as possible to find vitality and serenity.

The five pillars of well-being


A unique period calls for a unique event. This year a hybrid World Wellness Weekend will be organised with activities, courses and workshops being offered in person and online, including immersive videos, depending on the health situation and conditions in each country. And in areas where participants will be able to attend in-person sessions, the activities will be done in the respect of all health and safety precautions, with a mask and at a safe distance.

In detail, the activities offered during these two days will allow volunteers to explore the five pillars of well-being, namely sleep and creativity, nutrition and immunity, movement and vitality, mindfulness and serenity, and purpose and solidarity. “This 5th edition of World Wellness Weekend will be a hybrid celebration. More than ever, they will share a nurturing connection through wellness to offer three treasures: a revitalised body, a quiet mind and a peaceful heart,” the organizers said in a statement.

Temazcal, forest therapy, laughter yoga


Beyond the desire ― or need ― to reconnect with a sense of well-being that has been somewhat neglected in recent months, this weekend also offers participants the opportunity to discover unusual, original, and even offbeat activities that they may not be familiar with. While yoga is a fairly common activity these days, there are a host of variations, such as hatha yoga or laughter yoga that you might not have heard of. These two days are the ideal opportunity to try them.

Depending on where you live, you can also experience tehmazcal, a kind of steam bath to relax the body and mind straight from Mexico, sylvotherapy, which consists in fighting against stress thanks to the benefits of nature, and more particularly of trees, or all kinds of massages, treatments, sports, or outdoor activities that are still too little known.

The fifth World Wellness Weekend takes place September 18-19. More than 130 countries are already participating in the event. To learn more about the event: Map.world-wellness-weekend.org. ― ETX Studio