KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 — A Bintulu mom shared a few video clips of her daughters making friends with their neighbour across the street as boredom set in with the lockdown.

The snippets shared by Intan Nur Anum’s on Twitter last Friday caught the attention of social media users for the heartwarming attempts of Intan’s daughters Hana, 6, and Lisa, 3, calling out to their neighbour across the street.

The exchange turned out to be their profession of love for Disney’s animated film, Frozen, as her daughters took part in the ‘long-distance’ friendship from their balcony.

The neighbour can be seen wearing an outfit from a character of the film, prompting Hana to bring out her own Frozen collections such as a tiara and a dress.


Hana and Lisa made a new friend that day and Intan tweeted another video of them having their ‘meeting’ at the balcony the next day.

“They just got off their latest meeting just now.

Today they talked about fish food where this time Hana’s sister took the center stage.


“They called their neighbour ‘Elsa’ because the first time they ‘met’, the girl was wearing an Elsa’s outfit, so my kids would call out Elsaaa, Elsaaa, and the girl would show up at her window,” Intan told Malay Mail.



According to Intan, this is not the first time her daughters have called out to people as they would usually call out to say hello to anyone who passed their home from their balcony.

“I think they’re lonely after being stuck at home all these while. So, everytime someone passes through, they would call out to them.

“They would call out to Food Panda riders, joggers and people who pass through the apartment.

They seem so desperate to socialise.”

“They also had befriended our front neighbour who they called ‘Nanny’, and a Chinese family with a baby who they will always greet with a good morning,” Intan said.

She added that even though her daughters’ voices were the loudest in their apartment, luckily, they have not received any complaints from other neighbours.

Due to staying at home for some period, Intan said that her daughters would easily get excited whenever they went down to pick up a delivery parcel.

They would even dress up just to go downstairs.

When talking about the current Movement Control Order, Intan said that she and her family were better prepared this time as her kids had begun to understand the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Intan would fill her children’s time by homeschooling them, playing games and doing some mother and daughters activities such as baking.

Intan admitted that she was surprised to learn that her tweet had caught the attention of other Twitter users.

Intan’s tweet has garnered over 6,000 likes and has been retweeted over 3,000 times since Friday with Twitter users finding her kids’ action cute but sad as it shows how desperately they wanted to socialise.

“I just hope the situation will get better soon now that the vaccines have been rolled out.

“Achieving herd immunity is good enough for me, I’m hoping for that,” Intan said.